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Where Is Your Faith In Healing?

Few years ago, when I was an undergraduate student, a very dear friend of mine wrote this poem that ended up being published in a well-known poetry magazine. At that time, I connected with it so much. In this poem, my friend is able to articulate faith into words, which is difficult for most of us to do.

Fast forward to nearly a decade later, I come back to this same poem but the message is this time is different. When most of us think of faith, we think of religion and spirituality - God, Spirit, Higher Power, Consciousness, etc.

Here is the poem: Faith by Chandni Chand Bedi

The steps of the temple, I entered that place.

Step by step, no care, no sense in being here.

Waste of my time, that’s what it was.

Praising a god that I did not understand, what for?

Sitting there, I stared at that slow clock.

Watching time pass into what seemed like an eternity.

Tick tock … tick tock

The prayers are so long, why isn’t this clock moving faster?

My mind was wandering; all I could think about was that food.

That good food was all I wanted.

Looking around, wondering when these people will get up and head for the canteen

This boring place where I did not belong, why am I forced to be here?

The steps of the temple, I entered this place.

Step by step, with care, sense in being here.

Worth my time, that’s what it was.

Praising a God that I finally understood, what for?

Because I have faith

Now, let me introduce you to something else we can have faith in, that which is much bigger than stopping/suppressing the symptoms of the physical body - It is HEALING.

Faith in YOUR healing ability. Faith in the higher power to take care of you. Faith in your own loving body to always be on your side. Faith in the belief that you can allow the healing power within. Faith in your doctor, the facilitator. Faith in medicine - natural or otherwise. Faith in yourself. Faith that can only be felt.

With proper care, our body is a temple where the magic of self healing resides..

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