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Hello Goddess!


I'm a leading  MindBody Medicine Practitioner, Energy Healer and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nikita Patel.

I love working with divine women who are ready to energetically level up their health.  I love you natural empaths and intuitives which is exactly why I always treat not just the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well.


I know that you want more for your health. Probably, up until this point you've only experienced the conventional side of medicine and you're ready to explore much deeper healing!  


You know that "it's not in your head" but you just don't have the tools or the right knowledge or the trust in your own intuition yet, to get the results that you deserve.


Early in my career as a naturopathic doctor, I realized that treating just the physical symptoms does you a massive disservice and, whether you know it or not, keeps you on that unwell hamster wheel. 


It is not until you tap into your intuition, your mental & emotional well being and your spirituality, that true healing occurs.  


This is exactly why I focus on mental, emotional and energy healing for a transformative healing at all levels of your being. 

My Personal Journey:


For over a decade, I have been on a personal healing journey. In 2010, I was diagnosed with a mysterious autoimmune-like illness, that my doctors believed was either a viral infection, autoimmune condition, or a vitamin deficiency... Conventional medicine went with vitamin B12 deficiency. 


Since then,  I have spent a lot of time on a daily basis devouring knowledge as a naturopathic medical student, reading self-help books, then on google 'university' and scientific literature searching for answers to dis-eases for healing, cure, root causes, etc. After years of inquiry on suffering, causes to dis-ease, the meaning of healing, and why only some people experience dis-ease and others don't, I have come to understand the mental and emotional blocks to the healing power within. 


In my journey, I came across and tried pharmaceutical medicine, many trending diets, and natural DIY healing protocols, which all felt restrictive. It wasn't until I learned and received mindbody and Shamanic/energy medicine that I started experiencing wellbeing in all aspects of my life. 


Learning mind-body and energy medicine came naturally to me as an empath, intuitive and energy sensitive person. The mind-body medicine courses I took, my healing sessions, and the books I read felt like it only awakened the healer within.


In my healing practice, I offer a range of safe and effective wellbeing support, from functional labs and supplements, herbs, lifestyle guidance, intuitive health coaching, teaching, to guiding inner healing journey, emotional healing, mindset work, self-awareness, holding space and energy healing.  I aim to empower you to be self sufficient and well educated in maintaining your wellbeing. The powerful medicine you seek is within you. 


Everything is connected, hence holistic care.  My doctorate and personal healing journey have greatly influenced the type of healing assistance that I provide for your greatest benefit.



​Free Resources: 

1. Empowered Goddess Guide

2. Inner Calm Meditation videos

3. 21-day Self Care to Inner Peace (sliding scale fee)

5. Booklist to get started on self-help for energy sensitive souls


My Awards:


I am a summa cum laude naturopathic medicine graduate (NUHS) and have a strong foundation in Biology with B.S. in Biological Sciences (UMBC). 


I have been featured on PeaceLearnHealth and invited to speak on Own Your Growth, Indian Culture Association, and Healthy Mind Summit Platforms. 

I have volunteered naturopathic medicine in Nicaragua while first hand learning about the impact of global economics on health. My passion is to learn, receive and give natural medicine from all over the world. 


Along with my homeopathic mentor Dr. Timothy Fior, MD, I am published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, The American Journal Of Homeopathic Medicine. 


I have guided new doctorate students at my naturopathic medical school to succeed in school while maintaining their health and tutored Cellular physiology and hematology. 


Finally, as a new naturopathic doctor, I found the courage to break through the stigma of investing in my wellbeing, outside of the conventional insurance medical system.

I now continue to experience more of clear skin, mental strength, emotional maturity, vibrant energy, and harmonious relationships.


Now, I want to help YOU achieve the same success in a fraction of the time than you doing it all alone. 


In my practice, I want to offer you everything I had wished for as a patient. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a doctor who listens with compassion and offers the most personalized medicine to you.

It's time to THRIVE. Begin your Holistic health journey with me by booking your initial session!!


P.s. Join our free Zoom Live gatherings for heart-brain coherence meditations to explore the healing power within in order to reduce stress, overwhelm and strengthen your clarity and wellbeing. Don't forget to get on my email list by subscribing  to receive updates from me. 

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