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Healed my eczema and inspired new found passion

Dr. Patel is a one of a kind, extremely knowledgeable practitioner. She listened to my symptoms, my story, and ideas I had heard such as food sensitivity testing. Within our first consultation, she was confident that we could get rid of the eczema in no time. This gave me hope that I had never felt before at conventional doctors who had given me unsustainable cortisone treatments. Not only did she help heal my eczema, but her protocol required me to change my diet which improved my overall health. I found a new standard of health and became inspired to continue learning more. I am now back in school pursuing my Masters in Integrative Nutrition and this passion is a testament to my time with Dr. Patel. I have recommended her to all of family and friends who are looking for a naturopathic approach to healing.

Beira H, Maryland (2024)

My initial intention to connect with Dr. Nikita Patel was for getting healing for my skin and weight loss. As we connected and went thought our sessions, I realized there was much more to be released that I held within me than just that. 

One thing that stuck to me is when she said I “swallow” my emotions and thoughts as they come up and do not speak them out. 

As I understand now that all physical problems manifest from stuck emotions, so did my weight and skin issues. 

We went through all our lovely sessions but even though our sessions finished, the healing did not. Two years from that, now, I have lost all the weight I had been carrying with me for 20 years and have a better direction in life that my soul needed. 

I am really thankful to Dr. Nikita Patel, as she has been an integral part of my healing journey for my body, mind and soul. 

Oftentimes, we forget to thank and forget to realize where we came from to what we have become. I whole heartedly would like to thank my friend, my doctor, Nikita Patel for all her guidance, healing and breakthroughs she had made me realize and help change the way I think about myself. 

Thank you for being an important part of my spiritual awakening. 


Kausar (2023, USA)

Testimonial by client

Since working with Nikita I have experienced some profound healing of the sexual abuse trauma that had been plaguing my life daily for many years!  After 3 sessions of this powerful work , the chronic body flashbacks and re-experiencing of sexual abuse has almost stopped. Last night for the first time in almost 12 years I had hardly any of the painful issues and it was the same when I woke up and throughout the day today.


Instead of constantly experiencing body flashbacks throughout the day and night as if I was trapped in a ground hog day of nightmarish pain and horrible memories, it has very nearly completely stopped. I can finally relax. I feel as if my nervous system can now finally get the rest it needs.


Nikita called me out when necessary to help me face my issues that really I had been running away from for so long. She helped me to re-assert myself as the one in control of my body and my life! I would highly recommend Nikita’s programs and courses to anyone who wants to deal with any health issues that are persistent and if you have tried many other methods that don’t work she may just be able to facilitate you to do the deep work that you need! Give her a try!


(a few days later...)

Dr Nikita, I am seriously so amazed! I did not have this ‘being raped’ sensation at all since our last meeting and I am able to rest and relax properly. You cannot imagine what this means to me and how much it was affecting my life! I feel as though I am liberated from a ‘prison’. Thank you so much again! I am telling all of my friends about it and that I had a ‘ miraculous healing’ experience with you! 

- Surabhi Kunja Devi, Transformational Healer, Singer (2022, London, England)

Watch the short clip to hear about how Energy and transformative guidance helped Sarah!

Client: Sarah G., ND, LAc, Reiki Master, Intuitive Coach

Vibrant Goddess Service Testimonial by Ava Sophia, Spiritual Healer, Divine Feminine Code Activator (2022, Costa Rica)

Working with Dr. Nikita Patel has been such a pleasure. I had no idea what to expect, but she has helped me tap into unresolved childhood trauma, resentments, anger, shame, and find the root of my depression. When I first started seeing her, I was trying a western medication to treat my seasonal depression. I had no idea that I needed to do such deep inner child work. Little did I know my inner child needed to be found so that her voice could be heard again.


In our first session, Dr. Patel put me through a deep meditation, where I had a complete breakthrough. With tears streaming down my face, I felt safe as I identified the source of my trauma for the first time in my life. My inner child showed me stored emotional pain which was resulting in behavioral patterns for me to keep manipulating myself into never being truly happy. I was finally able to put my shame down, forgive myself, forgive my parents and create an opportunity to have a healthier and more balanced life. I could physically feel the release of this pain everywhere from my lower back, to my throat, to my chest, to my heart. 


For the first time in my life when I felt a panic attack coming on, instead of reaching for western medication, I had Dr. Patel there to remind me how to breathe and I found the strength to fight through my fears without medication. After our very first session, I quit all of my western medication. Since then, we have continued to work together. She has helped me with unresolved grief, the way I see myself, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, women’s health issues, allergies, etc. 


Dr. Nikita Patel is truly an empath and has a calm demeanor about her as she continues to teach me how to truly love myself. She has helped me multiple times to picture my inner child, helping me to hug her and create a trust layer. I remember looking at pictures of myself as a child after our first session, seeing the night and day when my depression first rooted. 


I have always been one to disassociate from my pain, but with Dr. Nikita Patel I feel safe enough to open my heart and release. Each time I see Dr. Patel I feel humbled not only by her gift of intuition but also by my own inner strength and wisdom she helps me to find within myself. This is a remarkable experience that you have to truly be ready for, and you have to reach deep within. But with Dr. Patel, it has been the safest risk with the greatest returns in my healing process. Do yourself a favor and take the journey! You will not regret it! 

- Tawny B., Yoga Instructor, Licensed Acupuncturist (2021)

"I started seeing Dr. Patel in July 2020. I sought her out because I was having extreme anxiety/panic attacks and depression. I had lost my mom back in 2019 suddenly to cancer/infection and was having a lot of issues with grief apparently and also was stressed about the COVID situation the world was in. I started to feel unreal and was having trouble with dizziness. I could not take any pharmaceutical medications for anxiety and depression, because they affected me adversely. I tried several of them. I was desperate to get help so started to try natural supplements. I tried Hyland’s CALM and Chamomile tea and that helped me a lot, so I became intrigued with the notion of natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathic medicines to naturally treat/cure everything that ailed me. I researched and found Dr. Patel. I saw that she had a high rating, so I made an appointment with her.

When I first met her, I was shocked at how young she looked, but was even more shocked at how wise she was. Her wisdom and knowledge were that of a really old person who had practiced for a hundred years. She was very thorough, kind, and took her time getting to know everything about me. She focused a lot on my mental state. She said that the mind and body connection was strong and that she had to treat the body as a whole and not just the symptoms.

She made a plan for me which included herbs, vitamins, affirmations, diet, exercise, and a homeopathic remedy. Since seeing her, I am no longer sad or grieving, I am off blood pressure medications, asthma medications, and do not have to take anything for anxiety and depression. I am really amazed that I no longer need asthma medication. I can go around things that I was previously allergic to like pet dander, mold, and mildew, cat litter, and etc. and I do not need my inhaler anymore!

She helped me so much that I told my entire family about her as well as all of my friends. My sister, boyfriend, and his daughter are currently seeing her. My boyfriend could not take diabetes medications. He always ended up in the hospital as a result. His blood sugar levels were off the charts. She made a plan for him and now his blood sugars are controlled and continually going down. His daughter is doing much better mentally as well. My sister is feeling much better mentally as well and has been reaching her weight goals she has been striving to get to all these years. Nothing has worked for her until after she saw Dr. Patel.

If you want to see someone who is truly knowledgeable about healing the mind and body naturally and someone who really cares about you, see Dr. Nikita Patel. You will be amazed and will not be disappointed!"


Yoshimi Y.,  (2021, Maryland)

"I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone who wants to heal all root causes of illness or pain. In the 13+ months that I have seen Dr. Patel, she has empowered me to do just that. I have had improvements and shifts in all dimensions of my health as a result of her guidance and my ability to follow through (it took both her wisdom and my action!).


I struggled in past with digestion issues, intense period pain (not caused by any medication/etc), tailbone pain, eye aches, scalp dryness, keratosis pilaris, and a facial rash deemed perioral dermatitis. The facial rash I had for over 12 years. I initially took a trip to a traditional dermatologist for my facial rash. Sadly, their prescription worsened my skin. It was at this point I found Dr. Patel. I was actually working with a different, local naturopath for 2 years prior to working with Dr. Patel.


Since meeting with Dr. Patel, my progress skyrocketed. Our telemedicine calls were more encompassing of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing than what I've experienced before. Even through the phone I could sense her loving care and genuine interest to hear and help in my healing! Our discovery call was one of the first moments I felt that a doctor had listened and taken my unique concerns and feelings to heart.


Because of Dr. Patel's teaching and guidance, I feel, look, and act more complete. I've increased ability to live without pain in my heart or body. Dr. Patel taught me how to heal at the source, not the symptom. The healing took longer than I expected in some areas, but most symptoms mentioned above are now healed through ways I couldn't have identified without Dr. Patel's assistance. Naturopathic medicine has undoubtedly been the most impactful method to true healing in my life. Dr. Patel's guidance in this has been the linchpin in my healing journey."

Catherine H. (2021, PA)

"It's an honor to write a testimonial exactly one year after starting with Dr. Patel. I was on a journey to re-establish a connection with a holistic medical practitioner. My previous practitioner left the area and I was had been without medical consult for some time. It was very important for me to find someone who believed in the holistic approach of health care for initial treatment instead of immediate administration of medication. Dr. Patel heard all of my concerns, particularly my constant sleeping and unwavering depression. I can say the treatment plan was better than anything I've ever experienced as it intentionally weaved together mental, physical and energetic wellbeing. She understood the impact of undischarged energetics over a course of time needed to be addressed in my healing. She has not once rushed an appointment and I always felt heard and seen. She is kind and hold her patients with deep respect. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her."

Courtney T. (2020, Maryland)

"I started seeing Dr. Patel in late 2019.  For some time, I’d been searching for natural solutions to a few physical health challenges.  Some of the challenges included fatigue, heart health, hair loss, skin hyperpigmentation, and stress, in part due to menopause.  


Dr. Patel's approach to healthcare involves connecting her patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual state to their overall health. I was open to that approach and discovered so much more about myself than I’d ever before connected to my physical state.  I’m now fascinated by the connection between mind, body, and soul and how my health can be improved by aligning and acknowledging that connection.  


I’m seeing marked improvement in my well-being, especially in comparison to where I began in 2019.  I really love that she digs deeper into issues and is transparent with what she doesn’t know.  However, she’s willing to learn and discover with you the issue, its possible causes, and explores natural remedies.  


I have changed how I eat, how I rest (a work in progress), and thought patterns by exploring meditation, natural supplements, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, energy work, and positive affirmations, in addition to strengthening my faith.


I am seeing and feeling results and will continue to seek her guidance and follow her recommendations for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend her.  I don’t think to consider her practice that of alternative medicine.  I consider her practice that of essential and abundant health as the Creator intended."


Pat M. (2020, Columbia, MD)

testimonial for Dr. Nikita Patel
testimonial for Dr. Nikita Patel
Testimonial for Dr. Nikita Patel

"Dr. Patel is truly a blessing. Her caring and giving nature are only a couple of her qualities. She has the ability to listen, then zero in on the exact problem to be solved. She truly is a problem solver...dealing with the "whole" person."

Pam S.., Columbia, Maryland

"I have used Dr. Nikita's services during times when I really needed some help with medical issues I was facing. I truly appreciated her listening, and providing me with tinctures and supplements that helped me with insomnia, menopause as well as poor memory issues. Dr. Nikita is kind, a good listener, and will work with you to achieve the ultimate goal of better health."

Ruby S., Naturopathic Doctor

"During her final few months of schooling, Dr. Nikita was my chosen ND intern. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, intelligent, kind, empathic, and truly invested in her patients. I felt nurtured and treated as a whole person and not just my symptoms as the way I was treated elsewhere. Such a calming spirit and really she is completely involved with you as a person, listening, diagnosing, and treating you with experience far beyond her years. Thank you so much, Dr. Nikita."

Barbara L., Massage Therapist, Social Worker

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