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Spiritual, mental, and emotional healing to support healing in the physical body.

Dr. Nikita is a mindbody heart healer with background in naturopathic medicine.  She regards each patient as a whole being, rather than an illness to be defeated. Dr. Nikita believes in nurturing, rather than battling against the body.

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Naturopathic Dietary & Lifestyle Counseling

Food Is Medicine

Dr. Nikita understands that there is no specific diet that is good for everyone. There are many different healthy diets that work well for most people. Dr. Nikita is trained in working with diets such as whole foods plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, Indian vegetarian, FODMAP, Paleo, whole foods organic non-GMO and etc. 
Dr. Nikita focuses on intuitive eating and connecting with whole and fresh foods in order to enhance the mind, body, and spirit experience. 


This service is only offered as needed and as part of Vibrant Goddess Tier 2.

Freshly Picked Food
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Ayurvedic Medicine Lifestyle and Diet

An Ancient Indian Science

Ayurvedic medicineoriginated more than 5000 years ago and is still very prominent today in India and now in USA. It is a personalized health care system that offers a whole-person approach to wellness incorporating mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is a science of life (ayur= life, Veda= knowledge, or science) determined by the subtle observation of mind, body, and spirit. It offers healing modalities for optimal health while providing the realization of full human potential. 

As an enthusiast Ayurvedic student, Dr. Nikita combines the self-taught wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with that of mind-body-heart and naturopathic medicine to best assist you in your healing journey.

This service is only offered as needed and as part of Vibrant Goddess Tier 2.

Homeopathic Treatment

Safe And Effective Alternative

“Homo” means “same” and “pathos” means “suffering”, so homeopathy means the “same as suffering”. With homeopathy, Dr. Nikita Patel gives an extremely dilute amount of herb or mineral, that if it were given in a huge amount to a healthy person, would create the same mental, emotional and physical symptoms as the person being treated is experiencing. The extremely diluted dose of a homeopathic remedy stimulates the inner healing response appropriate for the individual. How it works biochemically is not clearly understood. The miraculous results of homeopathic medicine is in the hands of a well-trained homeopath. 

This service is only offered as needed and as part of Vibrant Goddess Tier 2.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Mindbody medicine helps one feel relaxed, energized, and calm after each session. PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI) or PsychoNeuroEndoImmunology (PNEI) is the understanding of how the thoughts (conscious or unconscious) and emotions (suppressed, repressed and expressed) affect the nervous system and hormones, which in turn influence the immune system. Our immune system is involved in keeping the body free of disease. In short, emotional and mental stress leads to dis-ease in the physical body. 


Dr. Nikita specializes in mind-body-heart and spiritual healing  techniques such as shamanic healing, EFT (emotional freedom technique), HeartMath breathing, pranayama, ho'oponopono, hypnosis, energy clearing, and guided meditation to address the deeper cause to your physical dis-ease. There is inner child healing, trauma healing and reprogramming the subconscious for stress-free living. The goal is to assist you LIVE LIFE FULLY and VIBRANT. The sessions are tailored to work on your specific goals and needs. Dr. Nikita loves connecting her patients to the healing power within, underneath all the pain.

Herbal Medicine

Botanical Medicine

The healing power of Mother Nature. There are amazing herbs or plants that are known to treat/eliminate dis-eases. Dr. Nikita prescribes herbs and nutrients to support physiological/physical body healing complimentary to healing at the mental, emotional and spiritual level with mind-body medicine. 

For most people, daily need for herbs and nutrients are temporary (1-2years). Continuation of appropriate lifestyle, diet and  mental and emotional resiliency ensures wellbeing. 

This service is only offered as needed and as part of Vibrant Goddess Tier 2.

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