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Mindbody Wellbeing Vs. Disease: What Are You Nurturing?

MindBody Wellbeing

When it comes to emotions, we all have them. The good and the bad.

What's individual, is our relationship to emotions.

How you perceive your emotions and express them is mostly learned in childhood.

Our relationship to emotions can change and evolve. Thankfully, it is not set in stone.

Emotions are generated based on thoughts. The molecules of emotions powerfully effect the physiology, hence the body.

Mindbody wellbeing addresses the interconnection between the mind and body to offer healing for the dis-ease that appears in the body.

So, if you are feeling angry, ask yourself which thoughts are causing you to feel angry. What do you believe to be true about who you are when you are feeling angry? "I believe that I am...(fill in the blank)."

Same with a positive emotion. When you are feeling happy, notice which thoughts are causing you to be happy. "I believe that I am...(fill in the blank)."

The thoughts and emotions we nurture determine our emotional and well-being state.

Dear reader, which thought and emotion are you nurturing right now?

Nurture your wellbeing and energy renewing emotional state with us at the upcoming gathering.

Nurture Energy Renewing Emotions

Our regular biweekly HeartBrain Coherence gathering is just around the corner, and you're invited to join for free. It's a unique opportunity to tap into the heart intelligence with a positive emotion to promote inner healing & connect with the inner truth.

📅 Date: March 5th and every other Tuesdays.

🕒 Time: 12pm EST

⏳ Duration: 15 minutes

✅ If you haven't already, sign up for Free: Sign up link

Genomic Health Testing

Moreover,  I am now offering IntellxxDNA functional lab to support your treatment plan, lifestyle, diet, and prevention plan based on your genome!

Interested in ordering your comprehensive lab report to support your wellbeing?

Here is how to order your test?

  1. Set up a new client session with me to discuss your interest. Returning clients - set up your session by replying to this email, or request this testing in our upcoming session.

  2. Place an order.

  3. Collect a saliva or cheek swab sample.

  4. Mail the completed kit

  5. Schedule a follow-up appointment to review your results.

Take a proactive step toward a healthier you – order your IntellxxDNA test now!                        

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