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True health is empowerment!

Updated: Jan 13

All this time, I believed true health meant being free of any and all illnesses, permanently healthy, never getting sick and living a long life.

NOW, I clearly see that this is only the side benefit of what health truly means. Seeing and understanding health that way has been very life limiting and confining. It doesn't take into account the mind, emotions, energy, and spirit of living life fully!

The physical body is our vehicle on earth. It is our home, our temple to live life here on earth. So narrowing health to just the physical body has never in my experience brought true health.

TRUE HEALTH IS EMPOWERMENT. When we are in our true power, the soul power, that which is connected to the source, we can move mountains as if they are tiny specks of dust (illness). When we are our not in our soul power, even the tiny specks of dust feel like mountains too big to overcome.

How do we access this power?

It's very simple. First by acknowledging and bringing awareness to the current experience of your self and life. Then bringing in the soul power, which is love, compassion and wisdom to all parts of you that are hurting, in need or hiding. You can do this by connecting more and more to your heart's wisdom, the pathway to your soul power.

Be patient and keep it simple.

For healing support, wisdom, guidance, knowledge and medicine, you are invited to reach out to me by scheduling your Vibrant Goddess Intro session to get started right away!

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