Leading Mindbody Heart Healer, Wellbeing Mentor, Naturopathic Doctor,

Dr. Nikita Patel

Guiding intuitive and sensitive goddesses to activate their VIBRANT GODDESS selves


Hello Goddess,


Welcome! I am Dr. Nikita Patel and my intention is to assist you into your wellbeing.


Caring being, the healing you seek is already within you. You may have read dozens of self-help books, attended self-help seminars or courses, and understood that transformation is possible for you. Or, you may be completely new to holistic healing. To truly heal, both self-help, and hand-held support from a compassionate healer are required.

People often tell me that when working with me, they feel at ease, even within their internal storm. My guidance is based on my naturopathic medical education, and my intuitive and empathic abilities to sense people's discord energy at the root in the mental and emotional fields. I started out with treating physical illnesses by focusing only on the imbalances in the biology and biochemistry of the physical body. However, after a few years of practice, I realized that transformative healing requires addressing the root cause at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  

I will assist you into becoming aware of your subconscious healing blocks to high stress, chronic fatigue in autoimmune illness, depression, anxiety and other chronic illnesses so that you can realize your past pains, let them go, and step into your vibrant health right away.


Let’s do this. To get started, book a call with me! 

Goddess, are you experiencing physical dis-ease, high stress and/or feeling stuck?

Physical Dis-Ease

You feel hopeless about your health issues. You are highly stressed, tired, depressed, anxious and may have other chronic health issues like painful period, acne, hair loss, fatigue, digestive issues, headache, autoimmune condition, recurrent infections, etc.. 

You have this inkling that there is something deeper to your health issue, but can’t quite put your finger on it.


You know that somehow, your thoughts, emotions, and/or traumatic life experience are connected to your health issues.

You want SUPPORT. You are not able to figure it out on your own. 

Can’t stop the heavy mental chatter to figure it all out? It is affecting your job performance,  and relationships. Are you having difficulty sleeping at night and concentrating during the day? 


Does it also keep you from having a meaningful conversation with your loved one without exploding into an argument?


Not only that, you have a physical dis-ease that is greatly affected by your stress.


You are craving true self-confidence or inner certainty.


The root of your mental chatter and dis-ease is in your suppressed and repressed emotions and limiting beliefs.

Feeling Stuck

You want to run as far away from your emotions as possible because not only do they cause you pain but they hurt people you care about.

You don’t even know where to begin communicating your truth, your real feelings. You
know deep down that this toxicity is affecting your health.

You are feeling lonely, suffering alone, and afraid to be really seen. And you feel stuck here.

You just want someone to hear you out WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and guide you into your powerful truth for confidence and inner peace.

Do you want to feel unstuck and authentic in your self-expression?

Stressed Out or Worried

Does any of this sound true for you?
And are you okay with it?

Talk to me by booking a call!

"Our vibrant goddess call was one of the first moments I felt that a healer had listened and taken my unique concerns and feelings to heart". - Client



Want to start experiencing your inner calm?

I have recorded live meditations just for you!


The 5 guided meditations are 10-15mins long to be done at any time of the day to instantly tap into your inner calm.


Vibrant Goddess Immersion

 When you get started on a bundle of six 1-to-1 sessions with me, you will receive intensive support to go within for inner healing work and  an in-depth intake on your physical symptoms. Along the way, I will guide you to better understanding your health, and utilizing your emotions, empathic ability, and/or intuition so that you can access your inner truth and tap into your wellbeing. 

MindBody Heart Healing


Emotional Transmutation


Botanical Medicine


Energy Healing


Homeopathic Medicine


Guided Healing Meditations


Getting Started Is Easy As 1-2-3


Book Vibrant Goddess Call


Show up for the Vibrant Goddess Call


Sign up and Immerse yourself into the Vibrant Goddess Journey


You will have transformative healing by leaps and bounds if:

  1. You are willing to trust yourSELF, your intuition! 

  2. You are ready to commit time, money, emotions and energy to your healing journey.

  3. You are open to mindbody medicine, gentle changes in lifestyle, and spiritual evolution.

  4. You understand that mind and emotions play a major role in your healing.

  5. You will fight for your wellbeing. You are ready to take all the risks necessary for your vibrant wellbeing!

  6. You are 100% committed and disciplined to your wellbeing.

  7. You easily make all the decisions you need to ensure that you are well and vibrant inside and out.

  8. You understand that this is a long term journey with me - Between 6 months and 3+ years, depending on the complexity of your illness.


My guidance won't work for YOU if:

  1. You want an overnight or a magic pill cure.

  2. You do not want to change your lifestyle and the foods you eat for your well-being. 

  3. You do not want to face your fears and feel your emotions at the root of your illness. 

  4. You cannot afford to invest the money, time, energy, & emotions in your wellbeing. 

  5. You are waiting for others in your life to change before you can be well.

  6. You are waiting for someone to tell you that you should do this.

  7. It’s not the right time for you to start. You need time to think about your wellbeing journey.

  8. You are waiting to know and figure out how all of this will work. 



Hibiscus Flower

Tawny, Yoga Instructor

For the first time in my life when I felt a panic attack coming on, instead of reaching for western medication, I had Dr. Patel there to remind me how to breathe and I found the strength to fight through my fears without medication.

I have always been one to disassociate from my pain, but with Dr. Nikita Patel I feel safe enough to open my heart and release. Each time I see Dr. Patel I feel humbled not only by her gift of intuition but also by my own inner strength and wisdom she helps me to find within myself.


Yoshimi, Corporate Manager

I sought Dr. Nikita out because I was having extreme anxiety/panic attacks and depression. When I first met her, I was shocked at how young she looked, but was even more shocked at how wise she was. I am no longer sad or grieving, I am off blood pressure medications, asthma medications, and do not have to take anything for anxiety and depression. I am really amazed that I no longer need asthma medication. I can go around things that I was previously allergic to like pet dander, mold, and mildew, cat litter, and etc. and I do not need my inhaler anymore!

She helped me so much that I told my entire family about her as well as all of my friends. My sister, boyfriend, and his daughter have received healing guidance from her too.


Catherine, Business Consultant Leader

 Dr. Patel taught me how to heal at the source, not the symptom. 

I have had improvements and shifts in all dimensions of my health as a result of her Mindbody medicine guidance and my ability to follow through (it took both her wisdom and my action!).

I struggled in the past with digestion issues, intense period pain, tailbone pain, eye aches, scalp dryness, and a facial rash deemed perioral dermatitis. Most symptoms mentioned above are now healed through ways I couldn't have identified without Dr. Patel's assistance

Image by Sean Sinclair
You are not alone! 
You belong here, and you deserve to be heard and seen.
My love, you are a goddess in hiding.



Has an inner glow

Is Vibrant & Healthy

Feels happy, vulnerable, strong, centered and calm

Is unique & authentic

Values herself and sets clear boundaries

Receives divine abundance with ease

Loves and cares for herself

Effortlessly cares for her family, friends and community