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Shamanic healing addresses the root cause!

Shamanic healing is a traditional healing practice that has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It involves connecting with the spiritual world to facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Shamans are individuals who are trained in the practice of shamanism, and they are often regarded as spiritual leaders in their communities. They use various techniques, such as drumming, chanting, and journeying, to enter a trance-like state and connect with the spiritual world.

In shamanic healing, the shaman may work with a client to identify the root cause of their physical or emotional ailment. This may involve journeying to the spirit world to receive guidance and insight, or performing rituals to release negative energies and promote healing.

Shamanic healing may also involve working with plant medicines, such as ayahuasca or peyote, which are believed to have spiritual and healing properties. These plant medicines are often used in traditional shamanic ceremonies, and they are believed to help individuals connect with the spiritual world and facilitate healing.

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Shamanic healing has been LIFE CHANGING for me! It has helped me address the deepest of the root cause and transformed mine and other's health, relationships, career and finances for the better! And I want the same for you! That is why I have personally been training to be an efficient shaman, as a soul who has been naturally channeling healing energies and messages for my patients.

Get started with me now by booking your intro session or kick-start vibrant energy session!

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