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For sick and tired intuitive, spiritual, and energy sensitive soul,

Ready for Vibrant Health & Thrive

without years of struggle, confusion and loneliness

Soulful being, are you struggling with this?
Chronic Fatigue

You are always tired, in pain, have low moods, and any mental, emotional and physical exertion make it worse.  You may have other chronic health issues like recurrent infections or sore throat, muscle pain,  depression, anxiety, migraine, autoimmune condition and/or more.   


You are not sure what to eat, the herbs you need to take, whether you can heal, or WTF to even do for a breakthrough!

There is a way for you!


EXPERT and INTUITIVE guidance on your Vibrant Energy journey awaits you!

Anxiety and Depression

Can’t stop the self-defeating mental chatter to figure it all out? It is affecting your job performance, sleep and relationships.


This can stop now! 

Break Free from Inner Conflict! Transform self-criticism to self-love, & reclaim peace within.


Improve sleep, relationships, and well-being.


Let's navigate your journey to inner harmony.

Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling confused as to what to trust or not? 

Are you feeling scared to change? That change means shattering of safety and security?

Are you experiencing intense emotional turmoil, that feels yucky, gross and overwhelming?


It's time to get unstuck!


End isolation, step into your soul power & embrace clarity & newfound security.

 Rediscover Yourself with Compassionate Guidance.

You are here for expert guidance to support your inner healing journey. Right?

"Our introductory session was one of the first moments I felt that a healer had listened and taken my unique concerns and feelings to heart". - Client

Getting Started Is Easy As 1-2-3


Book Initial Session


Show Up For Video call


KickStart Vibrant Health

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I am Dr. Nikita Patel, and I invite you to embark on a profound INNER HEALING journey with me. Having delved into the depths of my own being, confronting fears, and cultivating unconditional love, I emerged vibrant in mind, body, and spirit. My path led me to align my mind and body with the radiant light that transcends our human experience.

As the ever evolving, energy sensitive, and intuitive soul that you are, I guide you on an inner journey to tap into the inner healer, and unravel energetic blocks tied to chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and feeing stuck.


Together, we'll identify root cause and transmute them, allowing you to evolve & step into your easeful soul self. My wonderful clients often share feeling calm, safe, seen, and heard amidst their internal storms while doing their deep healing work.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let's do this, and illuminate the path to your vibrant health.

seven days practice to inner calm for holistic healing


Want to start experiencing your inner calm?

I have recorded live meditations just for you!


The 5 guided meditations videos are 10-15mins long to be done at any time of the day to instantly tap into your inner calm.



Join our free biweekly

The Healing Power Within

Heartbrain Coherence Meditation Gathering


with Dr. Nikita

Zoom link: Sign up below

Every other Tuesdays from 8am to 08:15pm EST USA

(Date will be confirmed in the email after you sign up)


  • Enhance your immune system, health and inner-security.

  • Experience a 15 mins heart-brain coherence guided meditation to transmit waves of healing and transformation throughout your entire system.

  • Deepen your connection to a magnificent intelligence you have that is intuitive, gives rise to regenerative emotional qualities, and provides the self-security needed to live a more rewarding life with less stress.


Holistic & Transformative Healing - Reconnect with Your Vibrant Health

 Discover the transformative power of Inner Healing with me, your expert guide on the journey towards profound physical, emotional and spiritual health wholeness, from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and multiple chronic imbalances. I combine my knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine, energy healing techniques with mind-body activation to create holistic and root cause healing journey tailored to your unique needs. You will be guided to tap into your intuition, & vibrant energy to access your inner healing guidance, and unleash your true, vibrant health.

Mindbody Medicine

fueled by nature abstract


meditation for holistic healing

Energy Medicine

Holistic healing layer by layer

Healing Power Within

natural remedies for holistic healing

Doctor As Teacher

Energy healing

Whole Person Treatment

natural medicine
Yoga as mindbody medicine

Tawny, Yoga Instructor

For the first time in my life when I felt a panic attack coming on, instead of reaching for western medication, I had Dr. Patel there to remind me how to breathe and I found the strength to fight through my fears without medication.

I have always been one to disassociate from my pain, but with Dr. Nikita Patel I feel safe enough to open my heart and release. Each time I see Dr. Patel I feel humbled not only by her gift of intuition but also by my own inner strength and wisdom she helps me to find within myself.

Powerful leader and woman choosing holistic medicine

Yoshimi, Corporate Manager

I sought Dr. Nikita out because I was having extreme anxiety/panic attacks and depression. When I first met her, I was shocked at how young she looked, but was even more shocked at how wise she was. I am no longer sad or grieving, I am off blood pressure medications, asthma medications, and do not have to take anything for anxiety and depression. I am really amazed that I no longer need asthma medication. I can go around things that I was previously allergic to like pet dander, mold, and mildew, cat litter, and etc. and I do not need my inhaler anymore!

woman in community service through business choosing natural medicine

Catherine, Business Consultant Leader

 Dr. Patel taught me how to heal at the source, not the symptom. 

I have had improvements and shifts in all dimensions of my health as a result of her Mindbody medicine guidance and my ability to follow through (it took both her wisdom and my action!).

I struggled in the past with digestion issues, intense period pain, tailbone pain, eye aches, scalp dryness, and a facial rash deemed perioral dermatitis. Most symptoms mentioned above are now healed through ways I couldn't have identified without Dr. Patel's assistance


I invite to watch this wonderful presentation from Healthy Minds Summit on the silent connection between childhood traumas and chronic physical illness in adulthood. 

Treating the hurt part of 'self' from the early years of life is the key to root cause healing to such illness. Trauma-sensitive mindbody medicine is one such modality to support caring for the hurt self into recovery. 

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