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Why is Nutrient Assessment Important?

How are your cells doing today? Don't know? Then a Nutrient Assessment might be in order.

Here's the truth of it: If your body is missing - or even short on - key vitamins and minerals, your cells will not perform at optimal level.

This can affect your daily energy, quality of sleep, mental and physical performance at work, school, or sports and can lead to complex health problems.

Nutrient deficiency can occur for reasons other than the presence of an active illness, including:

1. Inadequate intake in the diet

2. Poor absorption in your digestive tract

3. Problems at the cellular level, preventing proper use of the nutrient

4. Loss of nutrients through intense exercise or long-term stress

5. Insufficient cofactors or enzymes needed to properly utilize the nutrient

And that's why a Nutrient Assessment is important. In holistic medicine, specialized tests are available to assess nutrient status. These tests are also known as Functional Nutrient Assessment, Nutrient Status Testing, or Micronutrient Testing. Using samples of blood, stool, urine, or hair, these tests evaluate how well your body absorbs and utilizes each nutrient assessed, along with the amount and functional availability of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants in your cells. They help identify the nutritional supplements needed to achieve and maintain good health and lower your risk for serious illness.

Even if you feel your best, a baseline nutrient analysis is good for two important reasons:

- A healthy baseline provides a point of comparison for times when you become ill and need to assess what's going on with your body and what it needs to recover.

- Some nutrient deficiencies or insufficiencies don't manifest in disease for a long time, even years. Having a baseline and periodic testing can help detect problems early.

For more information on micronutrient testing:

Here at Sunshine Holistic Health, we recommend a micronutrient test for analysis on nutrient deficiencies that can be easily corrected, thereby improving overall health.



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