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What you believe is true!

Hello goddesses ❤️

If you believe that you cannot heal no matter what you do, then you are right.

If you believe that you can permanently heal your dis-ease and completely experience wellbeing, then you are right.

What you believe is true! Your beliefs will become your reality, 100%.

So if there is something in your reality that you don’t like, then become aware of what you are believing to be true.

The whole game will change once you shed beliefs that you don’t like and choose ones you do like.

In a session with me, we are always tracing back the reality (physical dis-ease) into its core belief while acknowledging unprocessed emotions!

An easy way to change belief is by affirmation of a new and desired belief. Repetition is the key here until you can easily see and experience the reality reflect this new belief!

If you want to understand more of this than look into Joe Dispenza’s work!

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