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What you believe is true!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello goddesses ❤️

If you believe that you cannot heal no matter what you do, then you are right.

If you believe that you can permanently heal your dis-ease and completely experience vibrancy, then you are also right.

What you believe is true! Your beliefs will become your reality, 100%.

So if there is something in your reality that you don’t like, then become aware of what you are believing to be true. You step into your power when you choose to take responsibility of your thoughts, whether they are subconscious or conscious.

The whole chronic suffering game will change once you shed beliefs that you don’t like and choose ones you do like.

In a session with me, we are always tracing back the pain reality (physical dis-ease) into its core belief to choose differently and acknowledge the unprocessed emotions!

An easy way to change belief is by affirmation of a new and desired belief. For example, " I am vibrant in all ways." Repetition of this affirmation is the key to start building those new neural connections, the healthy thought patterns therefore a healthy physical experience.

If you want to understand more of this than look into Joe Dispenza’s work!

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