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Mindbody healing for auto-immunity

In auto-immunity, there is an inner conflict. The immune system's role is to protect, repair, detoxify and rejuvenate yourself - mind, body, emotions and spirit. When the immune system starts attacking your own self, its the representation of a part of you that is attacking or hating the self. The inner conflict is generally between your true self/spirit and the ego mind that is self hating and wants to please other people.


The need for pleasing others arises out of fear as a survival mechanism, at a very young age. People pleasing is the act of 'conforming' to meet other's needs. This is a massive dis-service to yourSELF. It is manipulating your own behavior to make sure that the other person likes you or is pleased.


The survival mechanism can be released if you choose to. RELEASING means you choose to trust yourself, even when the other person doesn't feel good with your decisions.

You learn to be in alignment with your inner spirit's YES or NO. Your inner spirit always wants the best for you and everyone else! It is directly connected to the creator itself!

I have healed myself from auto-immunity via mindbody and spiritual medicine, and have created the process to assist you with love and compassion into your vibrant self!! Do you want assistance to your healing? You can start by booking the Vibrant Goddess Call, now!

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