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How do you know that you are energy sensitive and empathic?

You relate with three or more of the points listed below:

  1. Get overwhelmed easily

  2. Your emotions change based on who you hang out with

  3. Feelings get hurt easily

  4. Your thoughts change (motivation vs depression) based on who you hang out with

  5. Being out in fresh air or nature feels good

  6. Being alone helps recharge your energy

  7. You can't watch news

  8. You feel overwhelmed or anxious in crowded places (this is different from social anxiety)

  9. You feel like you are a sponge to other people's emotions

  10. You are sensitive to strong fragrances, especially artificial scent

  11. You have a hard time with confrontation

  12. You get burnt out easily

  13. you are sensitive to food and the way food is cooked

  14. You feel never enough in how much you do for other people

  15. You are an excellent giver and a poor receiver. eg monetary donations, physically caring for needy (friends, family, strangers), donating time to volunteer work, putting yourself last on the 'need for care' list.

At age 24, when I first came across the term empath, I reacted with denial. Yeah! Denial.

" Who am I to have this special gift? I don't think I am an empath or energy sensitive. I am not good enough to have this gift. I am not doing anything special by caring for people"

This overtime turned into:

"It's difficult being an empath. This is a burden and a curse, not a gift! Why would anyone want to be an empath? It sucks to be always feeling everything and not be able to intervene. I feel so drained after hanging out with certain people. This is all too much! It's hurting my body, emotions and mind."

The thing is, as an energy sensitive person, your health is greatly impacted by a lack of self-care, healthy boundaries, receiving support and self-understanding. You struggle with insomnia, high stress, anxiety, depression, unresolved childhood traumas, chronic fatigue, digestive illness, imbalanced hormones and other chronic illness.

Goddess, you don't have to suffer just because you are energy sensitive, empathic and intuitive. There is a way to honor all of you, shine bright in your authentic powers and step into your WELLBEING, quick!

As an empath, you have a HARD TIME ASKING FOR HELP. You are so used to taking care of everyone, and not wanting to burden others to take care of you. AM I RIGHT?

I have been there, done that and overcome it! Let's balance giving with receiving so you can start feeling good in your body!

Goddess, you don't have to figure everything out on your own. There is support and guidance for you to SHINE BRIGHT AND THRIVE AS ENERGY SENSITIVE AND EMPATHIC GODDESS, now!!

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