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As an energy sensitive person, boundary setting is medicine.

So many people, especially the deeply caring, empathic and energy sensitive people have the hardest time saying NO. Yes, saying NO. This is what's called weak boundaries, where other people can easily take advantage of your "friendliness".

Actually, its not just saying NO, but saying YES when you want to is also a result of weak boundary.

The energetic boundaries, according to Cyndi Dale are skin (physical boundary), emotional, relational and spiritual boundaries. Childhood trauma - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; Intergenerational trauma and unresolved past lives trauma can all lead to holes, cracks, blocks, and thinning of the energetic boundaries. As a result of this weakened energetic boundaries, a person may be more prone to being a victim of interfering energy - things or people that suck on your wellbeing, leading to feeling chronically drained, aka chronic fatigue and brain fog. Depending on the type of boundary injury, other illnesses can also take root.

Therefore, most of your healing work will involve learning to choose your inner goddess (TRUE SELF). Then saying 'no' to anything like food, medicine, people, things, and places, that dishonor your true self, and saying 'yes' to anything that honors the goddess that you are. Saying YES or NO based on your intuition will support your vibrant energy, inner peace and spiritual growth. When you work with me, I will teach you how to tune in and trust your intuition or inner knowing.

That is mostly how I have 95% healed chronic fatigue, stress, brain fog, depression, and anxiety, along with adult acne, painful periods, poor sleep and sensitive digestion. Aside from the mindbody-heart medicine, other things I incorporated were plant medicine, shamanic/energy medicine and naturopathic medicine - homeopathy, dietary changes, herbs and nutrient supplement.

No one but you has the power to determine what's right or wrong for you.

Setting healthy and clear boundaries will HEAL YOU. Try it out.

Setting boundaries at first may be the hardest thing to do, but the inner love you feel for choosing your goddess self feels even better. When I first started this work, it required a lot courage to overcome the massive amount of guilt that came through. And instead of fighting this guilt, I let myself feel it and continued to choose to be in my power and set a healthy boundary. I have learned that the guilt and shame eventually passes on its own, and the inner power remains.

Healthy boundaries not only support your vibrancy and wellbeing, it also brings about peace in your relationships and work.

The Vibrant Goddess immersion is this journey of inner healing, inner work to feel your emotions, transmute your pain and suffering, shift perspectives, clear the junk energy that is not yours, grow into an emotionally resilient person and expand into your spiritual self.

Goddess, you are invited to book an intro session with me!

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