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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

  • Combination of traditional and natural healing methods with modern science to balance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. 

  • Integrations of botanical and homeopathic products, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, hydrotherapy, and other gentle treatments that support the body’s own healing power. 

  • Utilization of western diagnostic methods such as blood tests, urinalysis, and etc 

What natural therapies are utilized by Dr. Nikita Patel?

  • Lifestyle counseling to help make changes in diet, sleep, and exercise habits.

  • Botanical Medicine to build health and support body's healing processes.

  • Mind-body Medicine to become self aware of buried wounds linked to the  

     dis-ease in the body. Inner child healing.

  • Homeopathy to enhance the innate healing power. 

  • Nutrient Supplements like vitamins and fatty acids to satisfy nutritional needs within the body tissues for whole health (functional medicine).

Mind-Body Medicine:

You are an energetic being. Your mind, emotion, body, and spirit are all energies that make you the dynamic being you are right now. Your chronic dis-ease is not only in the physical body but in the dynamic being that you are. Therefore, with your strong sense of commitment to wellbeing,  I assist you through inner healing work for high energy, clarity and calmness. 

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